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Product Development

We develop and build custom-made research equipment, ranging from chambers and resilient soil corers to automated sampling, allocation and measurement devices. We will either build the open hardware of your choice or design a new product. In any case, we have the ability to provide a one stop service, from model design to prototype verification, from rapid model manufacturing to make-to-stock production. 

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A prototype is the working version of your solution. We build your scientific prototypes according to pre-set specifications, deploying a wide range of materials in-house and having engineers specialized in mechanics, electronics and software at hand. Our expert assistance is freeing researchers to focus on innovation. Fast prototyping can be achieved by fully exploiting 3D printing technology.

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Custom-made spare parts

Vienna Scientific Instruments is able to recreate custom-made spare and wear parts for your scientific instrument - using a wide variety of materials and including mechanical and electronical parts. To estimate costs and to reverse engineer the part we either need a blueprint and detail information on the material or to get hands on a (broken) sample.

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Product Line

Our range of instruments and tools for the natural sciences is steadily expanding by offering non-confidential in-house developments to all customers and by producing open-hardware and labware. All products are produced on demand according to the requested specifications.

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