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Example: Larval feeding station

Vienna Scientific Instruments / Bartz Technology LLC supports and accelerates innovative scientific research through building custom-made instruments and tools for the natural sciences and related disciplines. Prototypes are key in the development of a product such as a scientific equipment, helping to develop the structure, function, and appearance of your solution. In addition, they are highly valuable to get user feedback. Frequently designers will make several prototypes during the development of a product. Occasionally the first prototype will be built early in the design process from readily available materials such as paper, cardboard and even found objects. Later, designers might use construction kits for simple prototyping - pieces are easy to assemble, but also come apart easily.

At a certain stage, however, there is no alternative building a technical prototype which is alike the end product in form and function - allowing engineers and designers to confirm performance and usability prior to starting production or to implement modifications. Once successful, it can be used as model for full-scale commercial manufacturing or to make the designs available to the general public (e.g. publish as open hardware).


Experienced mechanical, electronic and software engineers at VSI/BTC will CAD-draft your solutions and assist with detailed planning of your scientific prototype - both on engineering and budget levels. Upon request we fully commit to non-disclosure agreements. Our extensive in-house machine shop (including different technologies of 3D printing, CNC milling and laser beam cutting, casting of nonferrous metal, resin and ceramic) is working various materials and we will acquire all necessary components (sensors, microcontrollers, etc) according to your specifications (and our experience). Especially our 3D printing facilities allow for rapid prototyping and thus a competitive cost-performance ratio.  Finally, the functioning of the technical prototype can be tested under controlled environmental conditions (-20° to +50°C, 10-90% rH temperature-dependent) with our partner organisations.


Prototyping scientific equipment involves the integration of a number of manufacturing activities. VSI /BTC has chosen to retain key competences in-house to guarantee quality and to safeguard a cost-efficient, speedy production. Our workshop includes the following sections:

  • Design center (CAD)

  • Metal fabrication and machine shop (CNC milling, laser beam cutting, casting)

  • 3D printing facility (DLP, FDM and LOM)

  • Electronic assembly and test

  • Final assembly line,  test and inspection

  • Function tests under extreme environmental conditions (with partner organisations)

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