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Collaboration in Cross-Sectoral Research Projects

The active involvement of commercial enterprises in research activities is a key factor in Europe's development as a most competitive knowledge-driven and innovation-based society.  Vienna Scientific fully commits to the Triple Helix concept of university-industry-government relationships - illustrating the necessary shift from a industry-government dyad in the Industrial Society to a growing triadic relationship between university-industry-governmentin the Knowledge Society. 

Vienna Scientific Instruments /Bartz Technology Corp. is highly interested to participate in cross-sectoral research and training actions, as partner or beneficiary, and at national (Austrian), European and international levels. We are equally interested in hosting early stage researchers (ESR; which can enroll for PhD studies at several world-class Universities in Vienna), short- and long-term secondments of academic staff at any career stage from PhD candidates to senior researchers as "entrepreneurs in residence" (EIRs), and to participate with our engineering staff in R&D&I calls and research and innovation staff exchange programmes. 

We have experience in writing and submitting grant proposals with Austrian (e.g. project "Iso-2-Drone", FFG, Austria) and European partner organisations (e.g. proposal "FutureArctic", Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action, Innovative Training Network, H2020, EU) and have already started and/or finalized successful Industry-Academia projects within Austria (e.g. with the Austrian Institute of Technology, AIT, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, BOKU).  PIC number for EU proposals:  909917037.


Please get in touch (contact form) if you would like to discuss project possibilities with our scientific advisors and engineers.  


  • Increased set of skills of VSI / Bartz Technology Corporation (BTC) staff members, both R&D-related and transferable ones

  • Increased set of skills of involved researchers, leading to improved employability and career prospects both in and outside academia (including recruiting by VSI / BTC)

  • Enhanced cooperation and transfer of knowledge between VSI and academia, and the development of sustainable international and inter-sectoral collaborative networks 

  • Increase in R&D&I capacity and output, more knowledge and ideas converted into products and services (for academia)

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